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WebSim-News Overview

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Newspapers are more colorful and better-printed then ever before. Higher page count for full color and growing expectations from advertisers make print quality an ever-increasing priority.

The Newspaper simulator makes it possible to train printers on color, tension, folding, .....without having to do it on the press itself. The simulator is also an excellent way to cross-train all employees in and around the printing plant.

The Newspaper simulator takes into account the complex interaction between the different webs and ribbons, the results of problems in the Superstructure or Folder (slitters, angle bars, cut and collect cylinders, delivery and conveyer sections).

The Newspaper simulator is installed all over the world : North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia, and is available in a variety of languages.

The Newspaper simulator models a press from the pasters through the superstructure and folders to the conveyors. Ink and water interactions are simulated along with console and on-press adjustments. The interactive trainer works like an airplane simulator and is so effective that its users feel that they are "virtually printing". The only difference is that there are no paper, ink or press costs. Production problems of varying complexity can be created to suit all staff levels. The real results are accelerated training, improved operator skills and higher productivity. Press types simulated range from 2 X 1 to 6 X 2 and from single to 4-color towers.