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Students awarded at Worldwide Charity Cloud Competition during drupa

The Worldwide Charity Cloud Competition was successfully held and was one of the attractions for the more than 170,000 visitors at drupa.

“We were thrilled to witness the fantastic journey of the live finalists from Greece, Germany, Colombia, and Brazil as they came to Düsseldorf to compete live in front of the drupa audience,” explains Enn Kerner from the Worldwide Charity Cloud Competition organisers. “I am especially satisfied that, in such a short time, the Worldwide Charity Cloud Competition were able to find many supporters and sponsors who recognise that young, talented printing technology specialists are important assets for the sustainable printing industry.”

Sponsors included : Sinapse Print Simulators, KOMORI, COMEXI, Zeller Gmelin GmbH, Mendel RS-systems, Hinojosa Group, Lakeside Book Company. Support was also forthcoming from drupa, International Circle, DFTA, Intergraf, Engineers Europe, Printing United Alliance ; Media partners : WhatTheyThink, Ohno Inkjet Consulting and Brunton Business Publications.

“This is evidence that printing technology education is an important part of our industry and valued by our colleagues,” concluded Kerner. “The role of education and awareness of the printing and packaging industry among young people was a topic of discussion at all meetings at drupa. This success motivates the organising institutions to aim for the next drupa, as well as to establish the WorldSkills competitions as the most important meeting point for young, talented printing technology students. We will try to negotiate with the WorldSkills trade and professions management to bring back the printing technology competition with new sustainable and more digital solutions.”

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