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WebSim-Heatset Overview

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The vast majority of long run print jobs in the world are printed with heatset offset : newspaper inserts, catalogues, magazines, brochures, and even telephone directories.

As the presses become more sophisticated, they can run faster, print more pages, and take less time to set up. They also cost a lot more, and this translates into a high cost for waste and for downtime.

It is neither practical nor desirable to train operators on the press itself. The WebSim-Heatset simulator shows operators how to recognize and troubleshoot problems with tension, paper, ink/water balance, dryer and folder. It can also act as a basis for refresher courses, for complex folder problems like wrinkling, dog-ears, uneven folds, etc. The simulator covers the essential elements of commercial web offset. It models a single-web, four-unit press with a complex folder. Winner of the ETTE (European Training Technology) prize for best training software, the WebSim-Heatset simulator is installed in hundreds of locations worldwide, and in dozens of languages.