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SheetSim-SHOTS Overview

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Train Easier, Train Smarter : introducing SheetSim-SHOTS, the sheetfed press simulator that is hands down the most effective way to train your personnel. Click. It’s just that simple.

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SheetSim-SHOTS is a complete interactive computer training system

Just ask any pressman : it takes years of hard work and traditional on-press training to transform a new employee into a professional press operator. Trial and error is an excellent way to gain knowledge and experience. That’s why SheetSim-SHOTS (Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator) was created.

SheetSim-SHOTS is a complete interactive computer training system. From prepress to press to delivery, the SheetSim-SHOTS simulator offers your press personnel the closest thing to a real pressroom using state-of-the-art computer technology. In this business time is money. SheetSim-SHOTS helps you learn to run your press efficiently and effectively, without using press time or materials.

Practice makes perfect

The more you use SheetSim-SHOTS, the better you’ll get. SheetSim-SHOTS reduces training time, increases skill level and quickly builds confidence. It is a program that can help improve any skill level – whether you are touching up a near-perfect technique or starting from a blank page. From film to printed sheets, SheetSim-SHOTS will have your pressmen, analyzing, correcting, and anticipating on-press problems.

Train or Troubleshoot

SheetSim-SHOTS offers two operational modes. For new hires and basic training, choose the standard mode and the press simulator is adjusted perfectly. Experiment with the variables and see what happens. The standard mode provides an ideal setting for learning the proper skills and special techniques necessary to run a sheetfed press.

For experienced pressmen, choose the problem-solving mode and see what develops. An endless number of unexpected problems can be preprogrammed to appear. These are all real press printing defects that require identification, cause analysis, and correction. All exercises have three different tolerance levels to accommodate beginners to well-practiced personnel.

Real time, Real Costs

Make ready. Set up. Clean up. Everything on the press takes time. At the end of each exercise, SheetSim-SHOTS automatically calculates the real on-press time and real on-press dollars your actions would have cost. Costs like film, plates, blankets, roller changes, paper and valuable press time are all taken into account. You can even enter what these procedures cost on your own press to make the simulator better reflect your specific press conditions. SheetSim-SHOTS makes printers at any level aware of the costs of their actions, resulting in a more efficient and responsible printing crew.

Build SheetSim-SHOTS programs that solve your problems

Every pressroom is unique – it has its own quirks, and its own set of challenges. SheetSim-SHOTS lets you add in your own set of problems to better tailor the simulator to your specific printing needs. Create endless pressroom exercises that resemble problems from your plant by altering variables with just a click.

On-press mistakes are time-consuming and costly. Let your personnel learn the fine points of quality printing on the computer, not in the plant.