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SHOTS Central Europe+ Contest 2015

Sheetfed Offset Print Skill Contest for *Mitteleuropa+ :

*Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland,Turkey.

SHOTS: Sheetfed Offset Training Simulator
A Chance to Learn & Test Print Skills with the Simulator
Free To Enter

Sponsored by :

The Final round of the Central Europe+ contest co-sponsored by Sinapse and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen took place at Wiesloch, during the inauguration days of the new Heidelberg Print Media Centre in Germany, on June 10, 2015

Benjamin Szombierski, of the Ferdinand-Braun-Schule, Fulda, Germany and Sascha Epp, of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, competed on two touch-screen consoles installed in the demonstration center. Their task was to solve three sets of print problems (within a 10 minute limit for each) and the winner was chosen on the basis of best quality and optimum productivity (simulated time and waste)

The winner was Sascha Epp, who had also been a Worldskills medallist in London in 2011.

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Simulators allow competitors to solve problems on their own location and in their own language with the results coordinated through a cloud-based interface. The Sinapse simulator and its Heidelberg Speedmaster-interface is used alongside Heidelberg presses at Worldskills events. Sinapse is the world’s leading supplier of training simulators for flexo, gravure and offset presses.


1. Entry period : December 2014 to March 31, 2015
2. Practice: March 16 to April 22, 2015
3. First round: April 23 to May 5
4. Quarterfinals: May 18-20
5. Semifinals :May 28-29
4. Finals Live at Heidelberg Print Media Centre, Wiesloch, Germany, June 10, 2015

There is no charge for any of this – we are all doing this to have fun and learn !

Description of the contest

For the first time, a Sheetfed Productivity Contest is being organized for Mitteleuropa+ * (see list of countries above)

Printers and Training centers can, without charge, enter the contest and use the world-famous SHOTS print simulator from Sinapse to solve print problems.
(this is the same simulator used in the WorldSkills Competitions in 2013)

You win by Solving the Printing Problems and having the Lowest Production Cost.

You will have time to practice print problem exercises before doing the contest.

To participate, you just need a PC connected to internet, it’s that simple!

The Finals will be held ’Live’ at Heidelberg Print Media Centre, Wiesloch, Germany, June 10, 2015.

Registration is open from December to end of March, 2015 : join us and have fun!

- 1 - Who Can Enter, How do I Enter, How do I Win ?
- 2 - When will this Happen ? Contest Timing and Organisation
- 3 - How do I play (compete using the simulator) ?
- 4 - How is the Contest Scored ?
- 5 - Where do I see Rankings for all contestants
- 6 - What can I Win – What can my organization win ?
- 7 - Help is available

1 - Who Can Enter, How do I Enter, How do I Win ?

Who Can Enter

Open to all Training Centers and Printing companies of Mitteleuropa+ (see * above)

It is not necessary to already be a SHOTS user to participate in the contest.
Participants can download the software and manuals, install it on their PCs and
use it for the duration of the contest.

You just need PC connected to the internet. Communications will go through our
cloud server. Results will be published on our website.

Each school or company can enter one team. A team is composed of any number of

Competitors can use any of the available languages of the simulator (German, English, etc. )

In the final rounds (starting in semifinals), each team will choose one
member to represent it. Since the finals are ’Live’ at Heidelberg Print Media Centre, Wiesloch, Germany, the contestants may have to travel – the chosen persons must be old enough to travel by themselves and be able to enter Germany legally.

How do I Enter

Registration is done by the team coordinator (the instructor or trainer) on our website.

Participation in multiple contests (at the same time)
It IS permitted that an organization participate in more than one contest. It IS NOT permitted that the same team participate in more than one contests.
Each participating team MUST have a different coordinator and different team members (for each contest)


After validation of your registration, Sinapse will contact the coordinator to
get the names of the team members and will assign a login and user id for each

How do I Win

The winner will be the contestant who has consistently solved the print problems
with the lowest production cost and least waste and best methodology.

This information is tracked by the simulator as the users solve problems. It
gives the overall “score” and is used to rank the contestants.

This is the same way the simulator scores are calculated in the WorldSkills


2 - When will this Happen ? Contest Timing and Organisation

Agenda: What happens and When

Signing up December to 31 March 2015
First round April 23 to May 5 2015
3 Exercises done at your site and at your rhythm
Quarter final 18-20 May
Exercises done at your site and at your rhythm
Best scores selected for Semifinal
SemiFinal 28-29 May
Final 10 June 2015
Live at the New Heidelberg Print Media Centre, Wiesloch, Germany


3- How do I play (compete using the simulator) ?

Install the simulator

Installation instructions :

The coordinator will download the SHOTS simulator and the documentation and
install it at their site.
The link for this download will be sent after registration.
All computers used must be connected to the internet.
The software runs on PCs (windows 7 or 8).
The PCs running the simulators MUST be connected to the internet:
To receive the contest problems to be solved by the competitors
To send the results for each competitor to the DLMS

Practice with the Simulator & Solve the Competition Exercises

Using the simulator

Each team member will have their own Login and User-ID, they use these to start the simulator session through the DLMS on the cloud. Computers must be connected to the internet.

Practicing with the simulator

The simulator comes with a “user workbook” that can be given to each team
member. This is part of the download.

The workbook describes the simulator and the press, and shows how to use the
simulator with a number of practice exercises.

Each user will have the same set of practice exercises and the coordinator can
review and compare results from these and discuss them with the users.

New users should do the practice exercises before trying the competition
exercises. You can do the practice exercises as often as you want.

You can only try the competition exercises ONCE.

Doing the Contest Exercises with the Simulator

Sinapse will deliver 3 competition exercises. These exercises
will be ranked from easy to difficult and competitors can solve them any time during the assigned period.

Quarter final: One exercise will be delivered and will have to be solved before a given date.

Semi final: One exercise will be delivered.

Final: The 2 finalists will compete live at the New Heidelberg Print Media Centre, Wiesloch,
Germany, 10th of June 2015

Only one solution will be accepted for each exercise.

Note : If you were using the simulator as part of a regular training program,
you could do the exercises as often as you like – but in the competition you
only get to submit one solution.


4 – How is the Contest Scored?

Ranking will be done by Sinapse based on the exercise results of contestants.

As mentioned above, this will be based on methodology (good working practice),
lowest production cost, and lowest waste and time.

Rankings are done by team and individuals until the end of the first round, then by the individual representing the team in the following rounds.

The finalists will be chosen by the school/company from among the best
individuals, with not more than one finalist per organization.


5 - Where do I see Rankings for all contestants

Rankings will be posted on the contest web site, and will be updated regularly.
They will change often as new sets of results are received.



6 – What can I Win – What can my organization win ?

All participants receive an official Certificate of Participation

This is awarded to all competitors who submit solutions for all competition problems

Finalists : They get a FREE TRIP to Wiesloch, Germany & must be present in order to win.
Individuals - Certificate of Recognition. Heidelberg offers prizes and hotel costs.
Organisations of semi-finalists : Credit of $1 000 towards any Sinapse product or services.

Engraved Trophys in public ceremony
Special page on web site

Organisations of Finalists :

- Winner : credit of $ 2 500 towards Sinapse products
- Runner up $ 2 000 credit towards any Sinapse products


7 – Help is available

Webinars in English and German will be organized to help users with any installation or usage problems.