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Print Simulator TouchConsoles released

TouchConsole interface for printing simulators was recently introduced at the Chinaprint trade show in Beijing. This technology has made it possible for Sinapse to provide its users with the experience of press operation without the costs and constraints of a real press console.

The TouchConsole functions in the same way as a real press — the operator lays the print sample sheet or signature on to the console above the corresponding ink keys, and then make adjustments. As the ink keys and water settings are adjusted on the TouchConsole, the changes are shown in the simulated output displayed just above them.

A major flexibility benefit is that the same TouchConsole hardware can be used to run different simulators. Interfaces are currently available for Sheetfed (Heidelberg SM) and Heatset (GOSS M600).

The simulation environment has also been adapted to use three touch screens. These are from ELO Touch and they can be easily calibrated and have fully compatible drivers. Sizes range from 19” to 42” — a large central screen is recommended so that the ink keys are realistic and easy to use. Some upgraded hardware may be required. The same simulator license can be used on the TouchConsole (with additional Software module) or on the standard simulator configurations (1 or 2 monitors) on the same network.

JPEG - 49 ko
TouchConsole for Sheetfed Simulator with Heidelberg-SM type interface.
JPEG - 42.5 ko
TouchConsole for Heatset Simulator with GOSS M600 Omnicon type interface.

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