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Illustrationsdruck und Verlag

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"Von Zeit zu Zeit, Land für Land, der Simulator hat uns geholfen die Lernkurve der Bediener zu beschleunigen und einen soliden Stand Jahre früher zu erreichen als mit anderen Trainingsmethoden."

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ICGQ, Quebecor, Commercial heatset

“Using the Heatset simulator, we are able to document operators’ current skill levels, and if they need more training, whether it needs to be in the centralized control aspects or the printing process itself.”

“Because they [the press operators] don’t get to see the inner workings of the press as much as they used to, the simulator helps them to develop their judgment by answering the question, ‘If I make this correction, will it correct the problem or should I stop the press and make adjustments?”

Quebecor St-Cloud Commercial heatset

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“The simulator is a great visually-oriented tool that plays to press operators’ strengths.”

“The workbook is designed to get trainees to think about the process, not just get the desired results. It asks the ’why’ questions. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? This way, they know how to troubleshoot, especially when the usual fixes aren’t working.”

Franklin Printing Group, commercial heatset

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“The simulator has been found to be highly motivating”

“The big advantage for young trainees is that they immediately become involved in the entire printing process including colour setting.”

“ They can learn by making mistakes which helps them to develop their problem solving skills.”

“They also experience a lot of events, many of which occur infrequently on press, or are otherwise not immediately visible.”

Quebecor World/Northeast Graphics – Commercial heatset
“...very good hands on training, simulates press conditions very well”

“The simulator is as close as we can come to real on-press performance”

“...makes the guys think about what they’re doing, that’s all I can ask”

Valassis Communications - Web Offset

“Now people make mistakes on the simulator instead of filling the dumpster full of paper”

“Because employees see that we place a big investment in their future, turnover has been exceptionally low”

“All makes and models of press are slightly different, and the simulator is just another press”

“It has all the adjustments and controls you would need to adjust about any press in the industry”