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WebSim-News Console-Connected

Newspapers are more colorful and better-printed then ever before. Higher page count for full color and growing expectations from advertisers make print quality an ever-increasing priority.

The Newspaper simulator makes it possible to train printers on color, tension, folding, .....without having to do it on the press itself. The simulator is also an excellent way to cross-train all employees in and around the printing plant.

The most advanced simulators are integrated into a real press control console with simulated ‘print’ projected onto the console color setting desk.

This configuration provides the most realistic and efficient hands-on’ operating conditions. Many companies have found this to be the perfect transition tool to introduce new generation presses with remote console operation.

It allows faster start-ups and staff transfers with less waste and down time. It also makes operators more familiar with remote digital control in a stress-free and stimulating way.

WebSim-News Stand-Alone

The newspaper simulator can also run as a "stand-alone" without being connected to the console. Touch screens make a good interface-and projecting the image on a "dummy" console makes it even more realistic.