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Presse Druck und Verlag- Augsburg

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“We recommend the Sinapse Simulator to other newspaper sites interested in improving the skills of their personnel, or who are getting the crews ready for a new press. It’s a great way of bringing them up to speed in a very short time and of boosting their problem solving skills”

“Training was an essential part of the planning for our new plant, and the simulator gave us unique ways to prepare operators prior to them running the press. It answers the challenge of pressmen needing more and more information about the process but having less and less time to learn this on press. The simulator also helps their on-going learning and to teach trouble-shooting on all parts of the process – not just console adjustments”

North Jersey Media Group

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“We’ve been using simulation for years, in terms of process flow, designing mailroom systems, determining throughputs, and driving deadlines based on simulated results. It’s part of our larger philosophy of continuous improvement.”

“By digging in and taking processes apart, they [the operators] begin to start understanding why they do things and whether there is a better way”

“A 56-page newspaper equates to about 15 cents of paper. If I have a few thousand waste copies at 15 cents each, it adds up day to day, year to year. On the other hand, you don’t want to send out copies below your quality standard. By helping your press operators understand the process, they develop a better understanding of this balance.”

“When operators have a problem, one of their big mistakes is trying to implement a solution before they understand what caused it. Simulation changes this mentality. They begin to understand why they’re doing things and if there’s a better way. This has allowed us to make big improvements in our workflow and engage people at all levels of organization.”

“The Sinapse simulator is a well thought out program. A lot of effort went into it.”

The Rockford Register Star

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“Simulation was a large part of the answer. As with NJMG, the Register Star integrated its press simulator into its press console, in this case a control system from EAE Inc.”

“This approach allowed the paper to train operators in the same environment to be used in production”

“The simulator training gives operators a significant head start”

Singapore Press Holdings

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“The simulator is the most cost-effective way of accelerated training to orient our printers to a new environment of press control even before the press is fully installed.”

“It is very well received and our trainees are taking the training on overdrive and picking up speed in double quick time”
“In my view, simulator training is the best investment that modern newspaper plants can and should make.”

Buffalo News

“When we were considering this solution, we visited the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal, Des Moines Register and Omaha World Herald which have also been using the Sinapse Print simulators. They were very satisfied with this training approach and with the service they got from Sinapse. The fact that there is now a multi-web simulator that shows a KBA press was a real plus for us.”

Newspaper Agency Corporation

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“It’s like looking at a real newspaper and exactly what our operators need to provide them with the level of realism that really makes a difference.”

“By its nature, training is ongoing. We will run our trainees through the simulator, and if experienced operators have trouble with certain functions, we can give them additional support. That is the purpose of the simulator — having a continual, readily available source of learning.”

Louisville Courrier Journal

« ...accelerated learning curve, a smoother installation, and a fantastic base for ongoing training»

Gannett - Media Group

“Gannett has had positive experiences with the simulators during the past several years. Especially when connected to press consoles, they accelerate the learning curve of our press crews during a new installation. We have reviewed the new multi-web simulator, and are sure that this will be even more powerful. In addition we see great potential for using it for ongoing training even after the installation is in full production.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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“The simulator is a tool to help minimize the learning curve”

“The simulator gives our pressmen the ability to do everything from making assessments on a proof to checking ink density.”
“It’s very realistic software”

[Sinapse Print is] “receptive to our ideas and suggestions, and as we move forward, we feel that we should have more suppliers that are as open and willing to work with us as Sinapse is, to make the process better,
not just for us, but for the industry itself.”

Daily Herald Arlington Heights

“The simulator is working fine and helping the press crews become familiar with the RegioMAN whilst still using our current press. It is also helping them identify print defects and how to correct them more rapidly.”

The Dallas Morning News

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“You have a limited amount of time to allow people to make mistakes; the simulator gives them practical experience without turning a press. We’ve gotten 100% back on every dollar spent on training.»

“When your press is running 60 000 copies per hour, stoppages due to employee error are very expensive. The simulator allows for accelerated learning and adds the missing link between the classroom and the press. Many of the situations arise on a press only occasionally and simulating those problems on press would be counterproductive».

“The simulator allows for accelerated learning”
“As realistic as computer graphics can get”

“It adds the missing link between the classroom and the press”

“...builds confidence and skill before going ’live’ on the press”

“You have a limited amount of time to allow people to make mistakes, the simulator gives them practical experience without turning a press”

“Many of the situations arise on a press only occasionally; the simulator allows trainees to try their knowledge at correcting a variety of problems offline”

“For new employees, the biggest issues are their lack of experience with printing. For people with experience, we set up the program differently with more web handling and folder issues.”

Thomson Newspapers

“We can’t find competent pressmen. We’re having to raise them and grow them, and to do that we have to have the training tools”

“It leapfrogged them months ahead of where they would have been”

“This thing is so close to reality that the only thing missing is putting on the goggles”

“Provides another tool for process of life-long learning”
Western Australian Press

“So far the results have been very good, in fact above our expectations, with fast make-readies and low start-up waste due to good color key settings as well as correct mounting of plates”