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Goss International}

“Newspaper printing sites are 24-hour production environments To make them fully efficient, we need to optimize the human resources as well as the mechanical production environment.”

UPM Kymmene}

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“It is important for our people to have a good understanding of how our products are used by our customers, the printers.”

“The simulators are a unique way of bringing them this knowledge without the time, costs or dangers of trying to train them on real presses. In addition we can reproduce and review many types of materials problems and press situations in a short time - and help accelerate their learning curve.”

“We work regularly with SGI on modeling the print process and building diagnostic systems, and look forward to having a full training spectrum : from the paper production to the end product at the printer’s.”
“Our e-learning initiative is linking our world-wide operations, and helping personnel everywhere share their experience and increase their knowledge. Since the simulators can also be shared over the internet, a common approach to solving problems will become much easier to reinforce.”

“UPM will launch a new training programme including UPM Printing Simulator for commercial use to meet the increasing needs of paper and printing training.”

“The simulation is done with Sinapse Print’s Press Simulator integrated with Honeywell’s Printa Press Control System.”

SUN Chemical

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“We have achieved better rapport with our customers and enhanced the experience of our own people.”
“Knowledge of the terminology and appreciation of what happens to our product when it leaves the factory are far higher than could have been achieved by any other means.”


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“A very useful training tool to reduce start-up problems, …helps make a smoother and more rapid production start-up. A growing number of our customers ask for simulators as a pre-installation training tool before delivery. We have had a good experience with them. The main benefits have been fewer problems, less waste and better print quality”

Man Roland

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“We’re trying to trigger a thought process and analysis approach with this. This will improve your performance overall.”
“It’s particularly useful for folder exercises that are impossible to do live and to make basic offset training which is very expensive on a real press”
“A valuable component to make new press start-ups smoother”

US Ink - Ink Suppliers

“Our primary business is selling ink, but any time printers see that we are also committed to helping them achieve their goals, that is of tremendous value. That’s why the simulator has become a staple in our portfolio of value-added services.”
“You can accelerate training in a variety of scenarios that would otherwise be costly and time-consuming on a live press»
“The students get to play around with the different variables that influence a given phenomenon — something they can’t do on press. It’s a very effective method of teaching.”

Coates Lorilleux - Ink Suppliers

“The simulators are used for training our own technical support personnel as well as for demonstrations to customer groups”
“As we are an ink supplier, our own personnel are familiar with ink problems. We use the simulator to give them a better grounding in other printing and pressroom problems”
“Small groups use the simulator to practice recognising, analysing and correcting the problem. Since the simulator is easy to use, they are often «running the press» themselves after a few minutes of introduction. This is true for both Coates Lorilleux personnel and for the customer groups.”